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Q: What size cabinet will the Cabinet Condom fit
A: The Cabinet Condom is designed to fit any 36” or larger sink base. All kitchen cabinets have a standard depth, so the only measurement you need to take is inside the cabinet from left to right.

Q: How much water will the Cabinet Condom hold
A: The Cabinet Condom will hold approximately 235 ounces.

Q: Will the Cabinet Condom work on sink bases with a divider between the doors?
A: Yes

Q: Where do I place the water alarm?
A: In the center of the front collection trough.

Q: Can I replace the battery in my water sensor?
A: No.  Sensor battery has a 3 year life depending on how many times it has been activated.  The sensor battery can easily be tested by placing sensor in a small amount of water.  If the alarm goes off, simply dry bottom of sensor and place back in your Cabinet Condom

Q: Is there a front or back to the Cabinet Condom?
A: Yes, the front has a collection tray that runs the full width of the tray.

Q: How soon does my order ship?
A: Most orders ship the same business day if the order is received before 2 P.M. EST. If you are not able to place your order by 2 P.M. EST, the order will ship the following business day. We do not ship on weekends. Orders placed during holidays will be shipped the next business day.

Q: What do I do if I need to return my order?
A: Contact us at with your information and transaction number so we can issue a return authorization number and process your refund faster. Please do not return anything before getting this number or your return will not be processed.

Q: How do I clean my Cabinet Condom?
A: To clean your Cabinet Condom, use soap and water with either a damp cloth or sponge. Do not use any other household cleansers. If you remove your Cabinet Condom to clean, be sure to completely dry before reinstalling.

Q: Should my cabinet base be clean and dry before installing my Cabinet Condom?
A: Yes, We recommend cleaning the base of your cabinet and making sure the surface is completely dry before installing.