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About Us

The Cabinet Condom was born out of necessity. When the real estate market crashed in October 2008, my company was left holding hundreds of condominiums with a large number still needing to be rehabilitated. We were struggling as a company to handle the carrying costs, so to save the money I decided to start installing all of our kitchens. Over the course of 2 years I installed nearly 100. Every kitchen we went to demo had water damage under the kitchen sink and by ‘every’ I mean 100%. When the new cabinets were put in I thought I would buy cabinet liners to protect against future water damage. I didn’t just want a flat tray; I wanted something to force the water forward so it could be easily identified. After calls to Ferguson, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. I was greeted with the same response…”that is a great idea!” At that point I set out to design a product that would protecting the investment I just made in all of these kitchens.

The Cabinet Condom has a number of unique features that are currently not available in any existing product. The Cabinet Condom is mechanically engineered with a “flow- forward” design that directs all water from leaks to the front of the tray. Other trays are either flat or channel the water forward to run out on the floor in front of the cabinet. Neither of those methods prevents damage. If the tray is flat and the cabinets are just slightly out of level, the water will pool at the back of the cabinet making it very difficult for the homeowner to visually see the issue. The other method of channeling the water forward to drain on the floor in front of the cabinet is also problematic. If the homeowner is away for any given period of time the water that is draining on the floor in front of the cabinet can still run under the cabinet causing damage and mold. This is amplified if there is even the slightest grade to the floor. This feature of the Cabinet Condom allows the water to collect at the front of the tray in a watertight trough. The trough contains the liquid and makes for easy visual detection from the homeowner or renter. The Cabinet Condom also has a reservoir in the trough for the inclusion of either an audible or wireless water sensor. The audible alarm will generate a 95+db ‘beep’ that continues for 24 hours or until the sensor is removed from the standing liquid. The wireless monitoring system can send an alert to the homeowner’s computer or cell phone.

You may come across another company advertising a solution for you cabinets, but we are sure they only provide a passive solution to water leaks. The Cabinet Condom is the only active solution on the market.